After spending some time working on this site, my children wanted to know what I was doing. I started to explain but all they needed to hear was "Tiggy" and they were off collecting all the coins they had been hanging on to. Way to go Hanley children!

They've collected $1.26 so far, and I think all of it has come out of the pop machines they check for change every time I go shopping! It's by far not the largest donation we have received so far, but it was like the widow's mite: all they had. And they gave it so joyously.

If you decide to put up a jar or can to collect your loose change for Tiggy's House, let us know. We'd love to see pictures! Or if you would like to put one out where you work, we can get you some brochures to share with your coworkers.

Thank you so much!

Using spare change to help children in need

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May 10, 2011

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