We want so much too have Tiggy back in our arms it hurts unimaginably so. Through our grief there is a joy in our hearts when we turn our focus to the children who need to know the love of a family, and the comfort of a home as Tiggy did in his short life.

As of May 31st 2012, the first year of fund raising for Tiggy's House has come to a close and the second and final year begins. As an encouragement to all those involved in Tiggy's House we have received the projected construction schedule. Please help us over the final year to make this dream a reality.

Children’s Home Construction Schedule:

Paradise Home and Holy Home – currently under construction
Beloved Home and House of Joy – construction to begin July 2012
Harmony Home and Tiggy’s House – construction to begin May 2013  

We are thankful for God’s wonderful provision to these children and to this important project.   We believe the Dream Center will have a profound kingdom impact on the culture and the nation of Nepal for years to come! Working hand and hand for the kingdom!  

Doug Dworak
Executive Director
Tiny Hands International

Tiggy's House Construction Schedule

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Jun 7, 2012

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